Kaila May's Fairy Houses

Welcome to Kaila May's Fairy Houses. These amazing pieces of artwork have been inspired in loving memory of Kaila May Craig. When I lost my niece at way too early an age, it was extremely painful. Making these fairy houses has been an outlet for those feelings and provided a healthy way to transform grief into beauty.

I hope you enjoy browsing the art gallery. These handcrafted, intricately detailed fairly houses are made with love and care. Please use the How to Order tab to let me know about your request.



Fairy House Doorway Hanger.  This one has sold but send me an email and I can start making yours

Fairy House Ladder.  This one has sold but I can custom make more. iI will submit more pictures later.  Just send an email and I can start making yours

Fairy House Bridge.  Can make to order, just send an email

Tea set with swing

For the holidays.  Custom Christmas fairy houses with Christmas tree and fireplace.  I just started working on my 4th one.  Send me an email if you are interested and I can start one for you.

Example product


Example product


This is an example product. It can't be used or ordered.

I made this fairy house in honor of my friend Tony who died suddenly on 9/26.20.  He loved woodworking in his shop and was working on birdhouses before he passed.